Shine was launched in 2008 to support business owners and teams who are responsible for business growth, with developing strategic plans and implementing mentoring programmes to aid growth and development of UK wide SMEs.

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We support people who are considering starting an enterprise or looking to grow an existing one. Our team has mentored hundreds of individuals in the areas of sales and marketing, business growth, operational capabilities and business planning.

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Starting out in business can be very daunting and we inevitably look for guidance and support to ensure we have the best possible start. We can mentor you through the early stages of development, offer strategic advice and guidance or simply sign post you in the right direction. We’ve also developed an online mentoring programme that is affordable to everyone; see Enterprise Network for more details.

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Working with established businesses comes naturally to us. We offer an outside perspective on running a business and can see actions plans quickly. Many of our clients are looking to productise services or looking to launch spin off businesses; whatever you are trying to achieve give us a call to hear our approach; gaining an outside perspective can give clarity and help solve business problems.

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Working with growing businesses is what we do best. We have supported hundreds of growing businesses both directly or indirectly through contracts we have won via educational bodies and local authority contracts. If you are looking for structured growth, contact our team today to hear how we have supported other business owners with implementing growth strategies and tackling growth barriers.

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In 2013 we launched our Supporting Services arm to our business, recruiting a full strategic and digital marketing team internally to help the businesses we support with business promotion and digital marketing expertise. Our services have developed into a full service marketing solution and it means we can help our clients from initial planning right through to implementation and monitoring ROI.

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